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COVID-19 Has Brought Me Back – Part I

There’s hardly anything I can do right now because of COVID-19. I can’t be around family and friends. I can’t eat inside restaurants. I can’t go to the gym. That one’s really not as relevant since I didn’t go to … Continue reading

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Awesome Chinese Fortune Cookie

While my air conditioner was on the blink, I spent nights at the home of 2nd daughter and son-in-law. One night they ordered Chinese food. It was delicious, and the fortune cookie I opened was awesome – I think. This … Continue reading

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Crabgrass is Sneaky, Manipulative, and Evil!

Evil crabgrass is trying to kill my precious little baby bermuda grass! The thing is, crabgrass is sneaky and manipulative – especially to a novice gardener like me.  I didn’t know that when I planted the bermuda seeds in my … Continue reading

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I Have Baby Grass!

Taking care of a yard is hard work and time consuming!  Especially when you’re older (less stamina) and don’t have a lot of extra time.  When I bought my house in August, 2009, I knew the yard would need some extra … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

I like red. It’s a first sign of spring. It’s good to eat. It warms and brightens my living room. It warms my feet. It warms and brightens my heart. Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

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Dad’s Move Back With Mom is Going Well – There’s No Place Like Home

Dad has been living back with Mom in the apartment since the end of January. Right away, it seemed like they were both happy with the move. Dad said he didn’t remember living there before, and he was concerned at … Continue reading

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It’s Snowing Again!

Okay – now I’m really getting tired of winter!  No, really!!! When the last storm ended, my front yard looked like this. Then I shoveled and shoveled – and managed to clear the porch in front of the front door, … Continue reading

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Dad Goes Home!

I spent the last four days in Texas preparing for and then moving Dad from the nursing home back to the apartment with Mom.  (He’s been away from her since June, 2010.)  Preparations actually began earlier – discussions, phone calls, … Continue reading

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I’m Still Breathing

I apologize to my blogging buddies who have been worried about me.  Some of you have “checked in” periodically, and my heart has been so touched when I have been able to take the time to read your notes to me.  Thank … Continue reading

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Some answers

Some answers – or at least returned phone calls.  Some actions.  Dad is scheduled for release from temporary facility on Monday. Must find a permanent facility they can afford – where he will actually have a life – not just … Continue reading

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