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Open Letter to AT&T from a Customer who Died…

(After receiving the communications from AT&T referenced below, I decided to post an open letter to AT&T as if it were from my mother who died in December, 2013. Everything in this post really happened, except for my mom writing … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Mom…

My mother passed through the door into heaven Thursday morning December 12, 2013. She had been in the hospital this time for about a month. The doctors finished draining fluid from her left lung, the lung deflated, and there was … Continue reading

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After Death

Days so busy. . . Much to do. What’s accomplished? Not a clue!   List gets longer By the minute. Does that list Have rest time in it?   Call retirement And another. What’s available For my mother?   Call … Continue reading

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Not the Father’s Day I Planned

I had planned to go to Texas to spend Father’s Day with my father, Ralph W. Cawthon. Instead, I spent this past week (the week before Father’s Day) in Texas burying him. I am back at home in Oklahoma today. … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Daddy. . .

This morning my father, Ralph W. Cawthon, left his earthly body to be with Jesus. His passing was unexpected and quick. No more dementia. No more confusion. No more paranoia. No more difficulty getting around. I know he’s running and … Continue reading

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Is There Truth in Horoscopes?

Effective March 30, 2012, I was hit by the tornado/earthquake/hurricane/tsunami of company-wide layoffs. Have you found truth in your horoscope? Continue reading

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