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COVID-19 Has Brought Me Back – Part I

There’s hardly anything I can do right now because of COVID-19. I can’t be around family and friends. I can’t eat inside restaurants. I can’t go to the gym. That one’s really not as relevant since I didn’t go to … Continue reading

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The Doctor Sent Her Away

“The Doctor won’t even see her,” my sister said. What? Major infection is in her arm – the arm where she had the surgery! “That’s why they won’t help her at the clinic – because it’s associated with the surgery.  … Continue reading

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Is Emily Dickinson’s Bird a Chicken?

Poetry – I love it!  I love reading it.  I love listening to it.  I love absorbing it.  I love analyzing it.  I love writing it.  I love reading (and hearing) other people’s interpretations of it. I read many essays … Continue reading

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