About Grandawn’s Name

You may be wondering about the name – Grandawn.

When my first grandchild was born – a girl – I was so excited about entering the world of grandparenting. This was new and unknown territory. And one aspect that was new – and unknown – was figuring out what the granddaughter would call me.

I have been called many things throughout my life (probably some that are not too flattering). I have been called Dawn, Mom, honey, Ms. B., hey you, etc. But here was a dilemma – What should we teach my grandchildren to call me? Provided, of course, that they would comply – as we know, children have their own minds. There were several choices: grandma, grandma B., nanna, nanny, MaMa, the more formal “grandmother,” mimi, etc., etc., etc.

I, of course, wanted something distinctive. So I decided to combine my name with the prefix “gran” – for Grandawn. 1st granddaughter (from 1st daughter) was very amenable to that name from the beginning. And 1st grandson (also from 1st daughter) followed her lead. They both call me Grandawn.

2nd grandson (from 2nd daughter) isn’t calling me anything yet – he does a lot of pointing and jabbering, but I expect that he will also call me Grandawn.

Grandmother of three perfect grandchildren. Online HS English teacher. Actor, director, musician, writer. BS in English. MA in Theatre.

12 Responses to About Grandawn’s Name

  1. PanicMonster says:

    aaww what a great story behind the meaning of your blog name.

  2. Vivian Zabel says:

    Dawn, is this really you? My goodness it’s been a long time.

    My oldest grandchild, a granddaughter, called me Granny, and now all the grandkids and now the great-grands do.

  3. shar13 says:

    Didn’t know where the best place to post a comment was, so I settle for here. I am loving your funny posts, when I grow up, I hope I’ll be like you! Of course I haven’t had such an interesting life, having stayed at home for over 30 years.

  4. Paula says:

    As I said in a comment just posted on the site, I do love your blog! We must be triplets together with Maron, because we have so much in common: I got my degree in Music/Theater (UConn 1973), but have not done as much acting lately as I would like to, mainly for health reasons – but I sing as much and as often as possible (which means I am singing right now, as I write, a lovely tune by Robin & Linda Williams). Hubs and I are about to become grandparents for the first time – a girl due 9/7, however, she is being produced by our #3 son! (we have three sons, no daughters – except daughters-in-love, who are almost as good – just haven’t had them in our family their whole lives!). I look forward to many more “grands,” and we are over the moon about our first! I am also beginning to dabble in writing and photography – with mixed results so far, but I am only just beginning! My first instinct is to be called “Granny,” as our kids called my mother; but they experimented with other names before settling on that one. My favorite was “Gronkey!” (Since my Dad was called “G-Daddy,” he was called “Gronkey-Daddy” for a while as well! I think I’ll let our little Zoë , and the others I hope to follow, make up her/their own mind/s. Again, thanks for the thoughts and laughs!

    • grandawn says:

      We are triplets with Maron!
      First grandbaby – oh, my dear! You will love it! I have three: (from 1st daughter) – 9 years old, 6 years old, and (from 2nd daughter) – 18 months. You’ll need to have something for Mommy and Daddy to call you when they talk about you to new grandbaby. For instance, for me – “Grandawn is here.” “Say hi to Grandawn.” – etc., etc., etc. . .

  5. Maron says:

    I posted a (second) response to your great tip on making beds. Don’t know where that first response went to. Still floating out there in cyberspace is my best guess…lol!

  6. Maron says:

    I LOVE yopur blog. I think we may have been separated at birth!! =)

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