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My Daughters Know Their Mother

I started a new job on Monday. Soon after I arrived at work, some beautiful flowers were delivered from 1st Daughter who lives in another town. Just a few minutes after that, 2nd Daughter and 2nd Grandson appeared at my … Continue reading

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I Think I Have a Secret Sitter!

Yesterday, when the scent was so much stronger and with that kind of metallic undertone of cologne, I began to wonder if perhaps someone had been there before me – sitting on my front porch – sitting in “my” chair. Could I have a secret front porch sitter? Continue reading

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Tulips Keep Growing after They’re Cut

 I just found out recently that tulips keep growing after they’re cut and put in a vase.  I find that remarkable! I have been buying a $5.00 bouquet of flowers at Walmart every week or so lately in order to … Continue reading

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