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My Daughters Know Their Mother

I started a new job on Monday. Soon after I arrived at work, some beautiful flowers were delivered from 1st Daughter who lives in another town. Just a few minutes after that, 2nd Daughter and 2nd Grandson appeared at my … Continue reading

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Exciting Birthday Month So Far!

September is my birthday month, and this one has been especially busy and exciting. So many things are happening. September 1st:  The eBook of the new Benjamin Boo Book released on amazon.com – Benjamin Boo Plays Hide-and-Seek With You. September 5th: … Continue reading

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The Race

Her gait is awkward Progress is laborious Straining to focus on the target Stumbling as she manipulates her body down the track Determination evidenced in each muscle of her face and body She hears the words of encouragement The cheers … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

This was, actually, the photo challenge for last week, but these pictures so fit that challenge. Yesterday, in my attempt to circumvent the pity party to which I had succumbed, I continued volunteering at the Oklahoma Special Olympics at Oklahoma State University. … Continue reading

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When You Feel Sorry for Yourself. . .

Okay – I have to admit it – I’ve been having quite a pity party since I got the word in March that I was being hit by a company-wide layoff. I had worked for the company almost five years … Continue reading

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Cowboy Dream – FunFauxFoto©

Cowboy Dream… I should’ve been a cowboy… I should’ve been a cowboy… I’m an OSU cowboy… I’m an OSU cowboy… Continue reading

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