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Morning with Cat Stevens

I was looking through some drafts of posts that I had started and abandoned over the past months. I found one with music from Cat Stevens. My CatS even like listening to this song (get it — Cat Stevens, CatS … Continue reading

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Blend In – FunFauxFoto©

FunFauxFoto© – Look at this! We blend right in with the floor. We can hide in plain sight. . . And trip people! Ha!Ha!Ha! Continue reading

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Kitty Togetherness

My two kitty-cats, Miss Tuxedo and Mister Whiskers, are really special to me.  When they were younger, they were special to each other and would play together. But as they’ve grown older, they mainly just tolerate each other. Actually, they … Continue reading

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Things That Go Psshhhht in the Day – As Opposed to Things That Go Bump in the Night

I kept hearing this weird “psshhhht” sound while I was working in my office at my computer. Actually, it’s more like a “clunk-psshhhht” I think. I can’t really describe it, but it made me jump every time I heard it. And … Continue reading

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