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After Death

Days so busy. . . Much to do. What’s accomplished? Not a clue!   List gets longer By the minute. Does that list Have rest time in it?   Call retirement And another. What’s available For my mother?   Call … Continue reading

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Awesome Chinese Fortune Cookie

While my air conditioner was on the blink, I spent nights at the home of 2nd daughter and son-in-law. One night they ordered Chinese food. It was delicious, and the fortune cookie I opened was awesome – I think. This … Continue reading

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The Uncensored Truth about Mary’s Little Lamb

Last week I had to write a very short essay to accompany a job application. I chose to answer the following question: If Mary did not have a little lamb, what type of animal would belong to Mary? Explain your … Continue reading

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U.S. Independence Day Celebrated on British Guy Fawkes Day

On November 5th each year, people in Britain celebrate Guy Fawkes Day with fireworks and other activities. Guy Fawkes was a British subject who was found guilty of treason in 1605 when he was discovered in the basement of the … Continue reading

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The Problem with Tags

The good thing about tags on interactive websites:  the tags help readers find you. The problem with tags on interactive websites:  the tags help advertisers find you. Although, I’m not sure what tags would have prompted some of the advertisers. … Continue reading

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