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My Daughters Know Their Mother

I started a new job on Monday. Soon after I arrived at work, some beautiful flowers were delivered from 1st Daughter who lives in another town. Just a few minutes after that, 2nd Daughter and 2nd Grandson appeared at my … Continue reading

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Getting Government Assistance is a Full-Time Job

For those who say the government makes it easy for poor people to get and stay on government benefits, I say “Pshaw!”. Actually, I don’t say what I’m thinking because that would be inappropriate. Here’s the scenario outlining time and … Continue reading

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Maybe I Could Make How-To Videos

Since I’m still looking for a job, I’m trying to think of jobs that I could make up for myself. Maybe I could make How-To Videos. Here’s one that’s on youtube.com. What do you think? Poor Ima!  🙂

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Be Happy for Me

Be happy for me When I am able to pull myself out of bed Even though my world is crashing down around me.   Be happy for me When I can hope for a job Even though the school year … Continue reading

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Save, Save, and Save Again! (Or) How Not to Get Egg on Your Face

Boy, do I feel like an idiot! Hey — I don’t just feel like an idiot. I am an idiot. An idiot without a work log and with a whole carton of eggs on my face. (Eewwwww!! Raw eggs are disgusting!)
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I’m Still Breathing

I apologize to my blogging buddies who have been worried about me.  Some of you have “checked in” periodically, and my heart has been so touched when I have been able to take the time to read your notes to me.  Thank … Continue reading

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Some answers

Some answers – or at least returned phone calls.  Some actions.  Dad is scheduled for release from temporary facility on Monday. Must find a permanent facility they can afford – where he will actually have a life – not just … Continue reading

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The Soothing Sound of Trickling Water – Ahhhhh. . .

I have found a fountain that combines my love for tulips with my love for trickling water (sans toilet) and with my love for keeping as much of my money as possible. Continue reading

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