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Accidental Water Portrait

Portraits appear in many different types of artistic media. But have you ever seen a portrait done in water on concrete? I didn’t think so. Here’s an accidental portrait that appeared when water was splashed on the sidewalk. This guy … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

This is definitely wrong – water shooting up in the middle of the road that runs by my house. Workers have been in the process of replacing the road for several days (it sometimes seems like years). I’m not sure … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer

I took this photograph of 1st daughter on a visit to the Florida Keys many, many years ago before we had digital cameras. So it has been scanned into my computer and is not as good in quality. But, this … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Think I’m Losing My Mind!

I tried and tried to think what these notes might mean. Considering where they were in the pad, I had written them quite a while ago. And I could not, for the life of me, figure out why I would have written such obscure musings. Continue reading

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Before Taking a Shower, Remove the Cat Carriers

I know the title sounds a little strange, but it really is relevant – especially in the crazy land of tornado alley. So – here’s my advice for today. Before you take a shower, remove the cat carriers from the tub. It will make your life a whole lot easier.
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Water Torture!

When temperatures are below freezing, we have to keep the water dripping to help keep the pipes from freezing. Drip. . . Drip. . . Drip. . . Drip. . . Drip. . . hour after hour after hour! day after day after day! Hearing the dripping water hitting the stainless steel sinks is absolute, bone-grinding, head piercing torture. Continue reading

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The Soothing Sound of Trickling Water – Ahhhhh. . .

I have found a fountain that combines my love for tulips with my love for trickling water (sans toilet) and with my love for keeping as much of my money as possible. Continue reading

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