More Birthday Month Fun!

September 15th:  Had a fantastic time with 2nd grandson (and his mommy) at the Oklahoma WONDERtorium in Stillwater, OK. It’s an interactive children’s museum that is just amazing!

September 16th:  A friend from graduate school days at OSU-Stillwater was in town with her husband and darling little boy. I haven’t seen Darcy and Fred for six years. We got to visit for a little while – great fun! I didn’t have my camera with me. Dang it!

September 18th:  My birthday! Very full and amazing day! Started the day with breakfast with 2nd daughter at Panera – Yummm!

Had a birthday lunch at Louie’s Grill and Bar with some new wonderful friends I have met through the Heart Link Network – for women entrepreneurs. Thank you, Karrie, for arranging this celebration (and for my lunch!).

An article about Benjamin Boo Books was published in the Stillwater’s Community Connection e-newsletter today. Woo! Hoo!

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Tuesday afternoon, went to my favorite spot to have a birthday granita (frozen coffee) break with my friend and favorite barista (and owner of The Daily Grind), Ginger.

Then headed for Oklahoma City to shoot a commercial for the OKC Community Foundation. Great director and crew. The weather was perfect (we were shooting outside on a rooftop). The actor who played my husband in the scene was amazing to work with – our first time working together.

After I finished with the commercial shoot, I was blessed to have dinner with my dear friend, JoAnn, and her niece and family.

Aren’t these two little ones just adorable?!? It was a double celebration because JoAnn had received an “all clear” report on her mammogram after breast cancer surgery last year. Hurray!

Donna (JoAnn’s niece) made yummy cookies and put a candle in one for me. Thank goodness I didn’t have to try to blow out 62 candles! Oh, and don’t you just love the extra makeup I was still wearing from the commercial shoot?!?!?

My birthday “day” also included calls from 1st daughter and sons-in-law, cards (with surprises) in mail, texts, and many birthday wishes on Facebook. A very full and exciting day!

More birthday month to come. . .

About grandawn

I live in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA. I have three wonderful grandchildren. I am a teacher, writer, actor, singer. . . and whatever else I can manage.
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2 Responses to More Birthday Month Fun!

  1. knittingmaestro says:

    I’m SO glad we got to celebrate your birthday in PERSON!!!!! Made my day twice as good! The laughter was soooo medicinal….and refreshing!!! You do my heart good, my dear friend! Happiest of birthday months with wishes for many more to come!

    • grandawn says:

      One of the “problems” when we get together is that we laugh, and laugh, and laugh. . . Who knew life could be so funny? We just find the humor in it. 🙂 Thank you for your wonderful friendship!

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