Be Happy for Me

Be happy for me
When I am able to pull myself out of bed
Even though my world is crashing down around me.
Be happy for me
When I can hope for a job
Even though the school year is ending.
Be happy for me
When I can manage to revise that dusty resume’
Even though it means I have to think “outside the box” of my employment life so far.
Be happy for me
When I can keep submitting applications
Even though the positions available are not teaching positions.
Be happy for me
When I can appear calm and collected in an interview
Even though I feel desperate about my future.
Be happy for me
When I can focus on writing and creating
Even though the practical uncertainties are consuming me.
Be happy for me
When I can find the strength and the will to try something brand new
Even though I am terrified that the new venture will fail and I will appear to be ridiculous.
Be happy for me
When I can keep walking forward
Even though my feet are stumbling and my mind is sometimes numb.
Be happy for me. . .
–Dawn Cawthon Behrens

About grandawn

I live in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA. I have three wonderful grandchildren. I am a teacher, writer, actor, singer. . . and whatever else I can manage.
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6 Responses to Be Happy for Me

  1. granny1947 says:

    Oh Dear…you have had a rough couple of years.
    I think your post notifications are going to a different e-mail…I must go and check.
    I am starting my own business….scared and excited!

  2. Be happyf or us all! Each time we awake – even if we can’t get out of bed, there is the possibility of new things happening, new wonderful adventures, and the promise of another day of praise for God from whom all our blessings flow! Great poem. I am happy for you – always! And I wish you enough.. .

  3. knittingmaestro says:

    I celebrate with you in the high times as well as the low. You are an awesomely strong woman….

    • grandawn says:

      As are you, my friend – awesomely strong woman! I’m so glad we’re friends, and I love that you are with me in the highs and the lows even though we don’t get to see each other very often.

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