Things That Go Psshhhht in the Day – As Opposed to Things That Go Bump in the Night

I kept hearing this weird “psshhhht” sound while I was working in my office at my computer. Actually, it’s more like a “clunk-psshhhht” I think. I can’t really describe it, but it made me jump every time I heard it.

And every time I would jump, my fingers would go spasmodic on the computer keyboard. Spasmodic fingers are not pretty! And the result on the computer document is not pretty either. I would have to delete and retype.

The thing is, I couldn’t figure out what it was. I would look all around after I heard it. I thought, at first, that it was Mister Whiskers or Miss Tuxedo (the cats) doing something they weren’t supposed to do. But they would just lie there looking all wide-eyed and innocent.

Miss Tuxedo — Innocent?

Mister Whiskers — Innocent?

Yeah – Right!

I love ’em, but they’re not always innocent.

Well, I finally figured out what it is! It’s the new AirWick automatic spray that I bought for my office. The litter box is in there, so I use an automatic spray to keep the room fresh. And it works. Hurray! Only, this one is very loud and disruptive.

Okay, I have to take a little side trip here because this brings to mind one of my pet peeves (not one of my pets – just a peeve – heeheehee). I hate it when I find a product that works really well and then the company changes it or gets rid of it. Grrrrrr!

(OMG! The monthly siren test just went off! It lasts forever. Talk about disruptive!!)

Anyway. . . for quite a while, I’ve used a small AirWick automatic sprayer with lavender and chamomile spray refills. The unit is small so it fits unobtrusively on a shelf directly across from the litter box. And the refills give a nice smell to my office without being too heavy like those heated oil fresheners. Gross!!

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I went to the store to buy refills. I looked all through the air freshener shelves. I looked high, I looked low, I looked under, and I looked above. Well, I didn’t actually look above because I’m very short, and I can barely reach above the third shelf. Yikes! So I found a store employee to help me. He couldn’t find any refills either. In fact, there wasn’t even a spot for the lavender and chamomile refills. Sigh. . .

I really like them! Why? Why? Why?

. . . No one answers. Great!

So I picked out a different sprayer that did have lavender and chamomile refills.


It’s bigger than the other one.

And, of course, now the original sprayer I had is just wasted. Sigh. . .

I hate when that happens. It’s so frustrating.

At least, now, I’ve figured out where that strange noise comes from. I guess I’ll just have to get used to it.


Oooops!  There it goes again.  Spasmodic fingers!!!!!!! 

Disclaimer – AirWick has not paid me to mention their products. In fact, they’d probably rather I didn’t since I’m so frustrated. Ah, well. . .

About grandawn

I live in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA. I have three wonderful grandchildren. I am a teacher, writer, actor, singer. . . and whatever else I can manage.
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6 Responses to Things That Go Psshhhht in the Day – As Opposed to Things That Go Bump in the Night

  1. 2e0mca says:

    This gave me a laugh – so many noises in my office at times… expansion noises from the boiler, creaking floorboards, distant tweets from the pesks (budgies) downstairs and odd noises from the back gardens outside the window (blue tits tapping at the frame to catch insects for example) – not to mention the Police Helicopter or the Air Ambulance overhead. Always something to check in case of an issue!

  2. Cindy says:

    You’re so funny!
    I prefer scented candles myself 🙂

    • grandawn says:

      Thanks, Cindy. I’m always glad when I can give someone a reason to smile. I like candles, too. The problem is that I have to think about them and light them.

  3. JoAnn says:

    I would have lifted you up so you could reach it yourself. ….Sorry I wasn’t there to help! ; )

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