Save, Save, and Save Again! (Or) How Not to Get Egg on Your Face

How many times have I told my students, “When you’re working on something on the computer, save often”?  Many times over. And then many times again.

Today I didn’t follow my own advice.  And guess what?  Yep!  I lost a whole day’s work log when the electricity went out.  Why did I lose the whole day’s log?  Because I didn’t save!!  At all!!  I was working away — feelin’ good about what I was accomplishing — and I didn’t even think to save.  Grrrrrrr!

Boy, do I feel like an idiot!  Hey — I don’t just feel like an idiot.  I am an idiot.  An idiot without a work log and with a whole carton of eggs on  my face.  (Eewwwww!!  Raw eggs are disgusting!)

Wait!  I’ll say it happened because I’m eccentric, not because I’m an idiot.  Yeah!  I’m eccentric.  That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

At least losing the log doesn’t actually affect the work, just my record of it.  So that’s good.

But now I don’t have any more eggs for breakfast tomorrow.  (Sigh. . .)

About grandawn

I live in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA. I have three wonderful grandchildren. I am a teacher, writer, actor, singer. . . and whatever else I can manage.
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4 Responses to Save, Save, and Save Again! (Or) How Not to Get Egg on Your Face

  1. Cindy says:

    Sorry 😦 But we’ve all done it, don’t beat yourself up!

  2. knittingmaestro says:

    well…isn’t it “do as I say…not as I do” I would stick with that one! Sorry about having to redo your work!

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