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One Obsession

Somehow – and I think this must be some kind of voodoo – the merchandise can feel my presence. As soon as I set foot inside the store, I see a blinding light, I hear enchanting singing voices calling, and I feel the earth move under my feet as I am magically transported to ‘that’ section of the store. Continue reading

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Outlived Usefulness? – FunFauxFoto©

What do you mean I’ve outlived my usefulness? I’m not ‘that’ old! Continue reading

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I Think I Have a Secret Sitter!

Yesterday, when the scent was so much stronger and with that kind of metallic undertone of cologne, I began to wonder if perhaps someone had been there before me – sitting on my front porch – sitting in “my” chair. Could I have a secret front porch sitter? Continue reading

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The Birth of FunFauxFoto©

So. . . here is my first FunFauxFoto by grandawn. I hope you enjoy! Continue reading

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Zumba – Zowy!

I just participated in my first session of Zumba. I would explain what that is, but I can barely type. My fingers refuse to take orders from my brain. Continue reading

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Lawn mower?!? I don’t need no stinkin’ lawn mower!

One thing I don’t do now that I’m older is mow the lawn.  It’s not that I can’t.  I just don’t want to.  I used to mow my lawn.  Lots.  In fact, when I was in my late 40’s, I … Continue reading

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Brand Name vs. Store Brand

Do you buy store brands?  Do you use coupons for brand names?  If you buy store brands, are there some store brands that you don’t like as well as the brand name?  Is the money you save buying store brands … Continue reading

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