“Don’t Fence Me In”

Back in 1934, I wasn’t born yet.  Don’t look at me in that tone of voice.  I wasn’t born until 1950.

But I am familiar with a song that was written back in 1934 — Cole Porter wrote a song called “Don’t Fence Me In” (the recording by Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters topped the Billboard charts in 1944-45).

I thought of this song the other morning when I was sitting on my front porch (not in a rocking chair just yet – thank you very much!) drinking coffee.  It’s that stream-of-consciousness thing that I do a lot – my mind is going in one direction, and that leads to another thought in a different direction, and then another turn – and, usually, somewhere in there, it leads to a song interlude.


The thing is – I bought a house last July – yes, at my age, I bought a house.  Well, there was that whole first time homebuyer rebate thingy – which I just could not ignore.


Anyway – my house sits on a corner – with a school playground in back and a park in front and a neighbor on only one side.  So. . . when I’m working in my office, I hear the delightful far-off sounds of children playing:


(Okay – there’s a fence – but that’s a good thing around a playground – right?)

And when I’m sitting on my front porch (again – no rocking chair), I see this:

In a neighborhood full of lots of houses and lots of cars, I live on a little piece of heaven on earth.  And I don’t have to pay for it, or water it, or mow it.  Hurray!

Now I just pray that the city doesn’t decide to let some developer destroy the park and build there. 

I know – if I see that happening, I’ll just keep playing this song – really loud – and make them feel bad so they’ll go away.  Yeah – that’s the ticket.

“Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above. . .  Don’t fence me in. . .   Let me ride through the wide open country that I love. . .  Don’t fence me in. . .”

Rocking. . .   Rocking. . .   Rocking. . .   Rocking. . .   Rocking. . .

About grandawn

I work as administrative support in the Oklahoma State University Art Dept. For the past few years, I have been responsible for finances, paperwork, and other decisions for my parents who lived in Texas. Working now to finalize everything after Father's death in 2012 and Mother's death in 2013. I also keep busy blogging, writing children's books, and occasionally shooting commercials. I live in Oklahoma, USA. I have three wonderful grandchildren. I am a teacher, writer, actor, singer. . . and whatever else I can manage.
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10 Responses to “Don’t Fence Me In”

  1. oldereyes says:

    Thank you for your visit. I like what you’re doing here and will be back when I have time to browse. But really … buying a house at your age? You’re only sixty!

    Bud aka Older Eyes

  2. knittingmaestro says:

    go for the rocking chair…..i LOVE rocking chairs….soothes away the day.

  3. lyndatjie says:

    It would be criminal to destroy such beautiful grounds…. so if they ever contemplate us – let us know and we will all fly over and toyi toyi in protest. This is a dance we do here in South Africa when we want to show our displeasure about anything. Just put on a truly firm undergarment because it can be deadly for bigger busted ladies like me… 😦

    • grandawn says:

      Thank you for this generous offer! 🙂
      I cannot even imagine what the toyi toyi might look like, but I would love to see it. It must be quite interesting if it requires such special costuming.

  4. cindy says:

    You’re lucky grandawn, all I hear are Satan’s geese being strangled today!
    (Hope they never build in your park).

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